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Stainless Steel Gold LOTR rings / Glow in the Dark /

Stainless Steel Gold LOTR rings / Glow in the Dark /

Excluding GST/HST
This very unique ONE Black ring is made of Stainless Steel and glow in the dark!


Width : 7mm 




I use the highest quality glow in the dark material. Compared with regular sulfide photoluminescent pigments it have 10 times higher and longer afterglow luminance and afterglow time.


*** Take note that those 2 colors "Orange and Red" don't last very long, you have to charge it very often to have a strong glow last a few minutes.
VERY IMPORTANT : You must take great care of this ring, otherwise the phosphorescent product may fall because it is a very thin lettering! It is better to remove your ring before you go into shower or swimming, if you have a work which is hard on a jewel it should not be worn!  It is a very good product and very bright glow in the dark but "precious" to take care of.


The One Ring that rules them all. The engraving inscription is pronounced :Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
It translates to:


One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
A person wearing the Ring would enter a shadowy world revealing the physical world from a different aspect, from which physical objects were harder to see. The wearer was mostly invisible to ordinary beings, such as Men, but visible to the Nazgûl. The Ring dimmed the wearer's sight, while at the same time sharpening the other senses.


You have to charge the ring by holding it under the light a few minutes before you wear it in the dark, it will gradually release its light energy throughout the night. It can be charged by sunlight or with my little keychain black light that makes your jewelry glow instantly in a few seconds!




GLOW DURATION according to color:
TURQUOISE: ± 9 hours (brightest in the first hour)
PALE BLUE: ± 5 hours (brightest in the first hour)
GREEN: ± 12 hours (brightest in the first hour)
ORANGE: ± 20 to 30 minutes (brightest in the first 10 minutes)
WHITE: ± 5 hours (brightest in the first hour)
RED: ± 15 minutes
YELLOW GREEN : ± 30 minutes but it is the brightest and so impressive, after a few seconds it turn green.  Can be charged under any ambient light in a few seconds.(is a light orange on daylight)

Lifespan: ± 20 years (can be charged indefinitely)

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